Cast Stone

MPG Planters carries the highest quality cast stone planter available, in all shapes, sizes, and styles of planters.  Each piece is cast using a blend of natural stone and minerals that is lightweight, watertight and weather resistant and is handmade in a mold from an artist carved original.  The 45%-85% crushed natural outer stone surface ages to a beautiful time worn, old world hues as it weathers.

Cast Stone 85% crushed natural outer stone and Poly Stone 45% crushed natural outer stone.

Cast Stone Planter
Handcraft Cast Stone Planter

Here are 7 reasons we think you’ll love Cast Stone Planters :

  1. Large Outdoor Planters are Cost Effective
    Cast Stone Planters are a cost effective way to elevate your outdoor landscaping. The planters are made from a combination of concrete and fiberglass that is less expensive than traditional stone while still being durable and lightweight – adding to saved cost with transportation and installation.
  2. Choosing The Right Planter Is Easy And Quick
    Simply select the perfect precast stone planters, from square, rectangular, round and tapered square varieties. These containers come in a number of lengths and heights to fit in well with any size space, and are 100% customizable. Choose large Modern Rectangular Planters» for use as sidewalk cafe barriers or short square ones for use as restaurant planters. There’s a cast stone planter ideal for every space.
  3. A Stylish Solution For Large Outdoor Planters
    Infused with the look of traditional stone, these cast stone planters exude charm and elegance. This timeless look can be both modern and contemporary and slot into a variety of spaces easily.
  4. Cast Stone Planters Have Virtually No Maintenance
    These large outdoor planters are “hands-off” and require very minimal maintenance. Made from GFRC- glass fiber reinforced concrete- each planter is both heavy duty and flexible. They are very durable and because the color is seamless in the construction of the planter, there is no worry of chips or scratches ruining the look.
  5. Large Selection of Planters to Fit Any Look
    Each cast stone concrete planter is available in a number of sizes and colors for your design specifications. Choose from a range of natural tones to best complement your greenery. With colors to blend in, like concrete grey, or to stand out, like bone white, you’ll find the color and size to suit your landscaping.

  6. Great Visual Interest That Looks Effort Free
    Filled with fresh greenery and foliage, cast stone planters have a unique modern look that create effortless visual interest. Each clean lined, contemporary planter, will provide the structure and grounding of any contemporary design.
  7. Outdoor Planters That Are Very Versatile
    Each planter is built strong- strong enough to handle heavy traffic areas. Use these planters to divide outdoor spaces, as a vehicle barrier, to line pathways, or as a decorative touch in any outdoor space from sidewalk cafes to school campuses.

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