Composite Clay

MPG Planters carries affordable stylish high quality of composite clay & terracotta planters that will match with your unique tastes and budget.  Each piece is made using a strong construction of minerals that does not break easily. Composite Clay is lightweight, watertight and it can left outdoors in the winter without cracking or breaking. Traditionally MPG’s planters have been made out of Cast Stone which is 20% Polyethylene Resin and 80% crushed stone. Through continuous research and our desire to have a product which did not depend on organics, MPG created Composite Clay

Composite Clay is MPG’s patented cement based material that allows us to manufacture planters without resin. It is inorganic, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Some of the products that MPG now manufactures have been switched over from using polyethylene resin to Composite Clay. This has resulted in a significant reduction in the use of polyethylene resin. MPG continuously pushes the envelope by investing in research to develop innovative cost effective substrates and materials that are environmentally sustainable.

Urn in Aged Limestone - Composite Clay & Terracotta Planters
29.25 in. H Granite Stone Bell Planter - Composite Clay & Terracotta Planter
Rough Cement Cylinder Planter - Composite Clay & Terracotta Planters


When MPG uses Composite Clay to make a product to look like Terracotta,  we call that Supacotta.  Please view our video to understand the benefits of this product.